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  1. a person who acts as though he or she knows everything and who dismisses the opinions, comments, or suggestions of others. a person who spends possessions or money extravagantly or wastefully; .
  2. transcendental Transcendental, civil, borderless are just the first three things that come to mind.
  3. Mar 05,  · Transcendental meditation (TM) involves sitting with eyes shut for 15–20 minutes twice a day while saying a mantra. The practice has several advantages for mental health but, until now, it was.
  4. Aug 27,  · Transcendental by James Gunn is a fascinating book about a pilgrimage that promises "Transcendence" (fulfillment of one's potential) for pilgrims who visit the Transcendence Machine/5(47).
  5. Oct 03,  · Transcendental meditation; Over the past decade, Transcendental Meditation® (aka TM® or T.M. Meditation®) has become extremely popular, scoring a staggering 5 million followers that practice it every day. You may have heard about the benefits of T.M. and wondered what it was all inunicmilxikinghometebeasiral.coinfo: Davide Alfonsi.
  6. r/transcendental: Welcome! Here is a place where *anybody* can: 1. Pose questions about TM: its motive, origin, etc [but **NOT** "how do I do?" .
  7. the concept of the soul as a transcendental entity that exists entirely apart from the body in his speeches he manifests a transcendental ability to inspire people from all points on the political spectrum.
  8. These transcendental notions were the beginning of the mental outfit of mankind. His may not be a transcendental mind, or one sufficiently elastic for politics. Edmee loved the poets almost as much as the transcendental philosophers. The 'Titanic' and 'transcendental' Faubourg remained as mute as a mouse!