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Urge To Forget - Common Language - Urge To Forget (Vinyl)



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  4. Apr 08,  · Song: "Urge to Forget" (12" EP) Band: Common Language: Mary Lake - atmospheric guitar, Gretchen Wenner - lead guitar, Char Easter - vocals, bass Label: Sun and .
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  6. Aug 13,  · Non-snarky answer: "Vinyl" started being used to differentiate records on that format from other forms of media (CDs, cassettes, etc.) This is because "record" was used throughout the decades to simply refer to a recording. Consider the fact that the Grammy for the best recording of the year (individual song) is called "Record of the Year."." Additionally, an album can be on any format--that.
  7. Common Language was an alternative rock/ethereal goth band from Seattle, WA. The band name is based on the poem "Dream of a Common Language" by Adrienne Rich. Common Language was formed in by Charlene Easter (vocals, bass), Gretchen Wenner (guitar), and Mary Lake (guitar). In the same year, they debuted with the 3-track single Urge to Forget.
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